Our Story

Who We Are?

Ceed Vitality® is a health and wellness focused company headquartered in the UK, specialised in bringing unique products to our customers. Our core values focus on quality, openness, integrity, trust, passion and fun! Our cofounders and team bring over 50 years of combined experience within pharmaceutical, healthcare, marketing and food sectors.

Our vision is to be a world leader in providing key vitamin gummy supplements to our customers which taste great and are unique in formulation, where we have searched all corners of the world to find the best combination products.

Our key USP is Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) which has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It originated from Southeast Asia and was also used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Middle East and Africa. We are the world’s first company to have successfully formulated Nigella Sativa within a vitamin gummy product.

Intellectual Property

We are looking to build on our research and development of our products and put together a comprehensive patent portfolio where possible of our unique combination of ingredients and technology for how these have been formulated. We currently have a patent pending with the Intellectual Property Office in the UK (Patent no. GB2100915.4) which broadly covers utilising Nigella Sativa by means of extraction of the powder by CO2 extraction solvent (or others as appropriate) and/or supercritical fluid extraction and/or cold press prior to chemically combining with a pectin based product.

Our Passion For Charity

Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of preventable child deaths and Ceed Vitality® is proud to support the work of Vitamin Angels who provide children with lifesaving vitamins and minerals. With every bottle you order from us, a child in need will receive a 6 months supply of essential vitamins through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.

As a company we are passionate about extending our mission to support the health of those that need it the most as well as our loyal customers who purchase our products.

Giving Charity Never Tasted Better

With every bottle your order from Ceed Vitality, we will donate a 6 month supply of essential vitamins to a child with malnutrition, through our partnership with Vitamin Angels

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